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Dome Cameras for Ceiling or Wall Mount Installation

The huge demand for fixed position dome cameras or PTZ dome cameras is due to the fact they are inconspicuous. Often, visitors to your home, retail store or office are put off by the sight of a security camera watching them. It makes visitors feel self-conscious and this affects their feeling of relaxation on your premises. No one wants their customers or friends to feel uncomfortable as they may not return. Yet security cameras are a must have. The solution is to use cameras that are not hidden, but just inconspicuous. Dome cameras have a smoky glass encasing which so the person can't see the actual camera inside the dome. Since installing wires throughout a home, retail store, office or warehouse can be expensive and time consuming, many buyers are choosing wireless security cameras. Wireless Dome Cameras occupy the same strategic position for optimal surveillance monitoring, yet the signal passes through air to the main security system controller. Maintenance and relocation are easy to do. The main advantage though for those buying a new security system, is that wires won't have to be installed in the walls. In many installations, there may not be any walls thus wireless dome cameras offer greater functionality. Make your choice for quality, reliable dome cameras.