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Office & Home Wireless Security Camera System & Wired Security Camera System

247 Security Cameras offers three types of office and home security cameras – regular analog (also known as traditional), IP-based, and wireless. Our security camera systems are available at competitive prices, and we make sure to pass on the best savings to you! With a range of discreet, high quality security camera systems in multiple channels (4, 8, 12, and 16), your home and office are protected with state-of-the-art technology. Should you have questions, please contact us for more information regarding our selection of office and home security cameras and accessories. Or, visit FAQs for instant answers.

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The Growing Popularity of PTZ Security Cameras

The versatility and 360 degree visual coverage of a PTZ Camera is making it the preferred choice of many security systems managers as well those buying a home security system. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (PTZ Cameras) can pivot to scan any area of your office, hallways, yard, roof, lobby, parking lot, or outside windows. PTZ cameras can be programmed to scan a parking garage area or building exterior area periodically. The camera itself moves in any direction to provide 360 degree viewing. These security cameras may also have a zoom lens and digital zoom capability which allows users to get a closer view of anything that may be moving in the PTZ cameras field of view. The PTZ security camera itself may be controlled automatically by its own directional motor or manually with the use of a PTZ joystick.

Placing PTZ dome cameras on ceilings is an effective way of getting an unobstructed view of a complete room area. It is nearly impossible for an intruder to get through without being detected. PTZ cameras are often encased in a plastic domes which are not translucent from one direction. If they are ceiling mounted, it may be completely hidden. That means people may or may not see the camera casing but still can't tell if the camera is directed at them. PTZ Security Cameras can come with the ability to view in varying light conditions such as day or night and with outdoor weather resistance. You have a choice in camera sizes too with small PTZ cameras and mini PTZ cameras available. They even come as Dome IP cameras for Internet security surveillance.'s PTZ dome security cameras have several advantages over traditional CCTV security cameras. PTZ Domes are multidirectional with 360 degree rotation and viewing straight down. This may make them most versatile type of security camera and most intimidating for any intruders and thieves. Review our full selection of PTZ cameras now. They usually ship within 24 hours!