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Wired Security Cameras

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5.8 GHz Wireless Cameras

What sets our 5.8 Ghz wireless cameras apart from the competition is the transmitter that we use in them. Our wireless security cameras have high power transmitters built into them for longer distance transmission. Besides that, these cameras have a Sony CCD for better picture resolution. The 5.8 Ghz band also provides the least amount of interference from other electronic devices in the vicinity. With the new developments in our transmitters, you can now have up to eight 5.8 ghz wireless security cameras at one location.

Our 5.8GHz Wireless Security Camera with Infrared has a resolution of 420TVL, and 4 selectable channels for video transmission. This amazing infrared security camera also has auto iris that controls the flow of light and diminishes the glare from any sun light. It comes with a 10mW High Powered Transmitter and an aluminum housing. 5.8 Ghz frequency security cameras are the new standard in wireless security systems yet other options are the 900 mhz security system and 2.4 Ghz security system. The problem with 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz frequencies is that these frequency channel ranges are used by many electronic devices such as phones and laptop computers. Check out the full selection of Wireless Security Cameras with great transmission distances.