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Network Video Recorder Systems For Your IP Surveillance Needs

A Network Video Recorder or NVR is an IP based device that is connected to your network. Because the units are IP based, Network Video Recorders can be managed remotely through your LAN or remotely giving you greater flexibility and control. The basic function of a NVR is the simultaneous recording and view of live video streams from your IP cameras.

Network Video Recorders Are Easy To Manage & Use

One of the trademarks of Network Video Recorders is their ease of use and management. Typically, a Network Video Recorder will feature flexible scheduled or motion based recording and playback capability, a user-friendly user interface, Intelligent Search, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control.

4 Channel NVR 8 Channel NVR
16 Channel NVR 32 Channel NVR
64 Channel NVRs 128 Channel NVR